Report of the Risk Management Committee

The Board of Directors of Major Cineplex Group Public Company Limited (MAJOR) resolved to appoint the Risk Management Committee in the 3/2019 Board of Directors meeting, convened on August 9,2019.

The Risk Management Committee currently comprises 3 directors, namely Dr. Satian Pooprasert Independent Director ,serving as Chairman of the Risk Management Committee, and Mr. Chai Jroongtanapiban Independent Director and Mr. Veerawat Ongvasith Director, serving as members of the Risk Management Committee.

The scope of the responsibilities of the Risk Management Committee has been prescribed by the Board of Directors to adhere to the Risk Management Committee Charter under MAJOR’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework, which is consistent with the COSO ERM Framework and ISO31000.

In 2019, the Risk Management Committee convened a total of 1 meetings, with all its members present in all meeting. The summary of its operations is provided below.

  1. Formulated and reviewed MAJOR’s Enterprise Risk Management to ensure appropriateness and consistency with MAJOR’s strategic plans and operations amidst shifting circumstances.
  2. Monitored, assessed and offered recommendations on MAJOR’s operations and Investment projects on a regular basis (at least once every two months) to ensure that the management maintained MAJOR’s operations within its risk appetite, as well as produces concrete and pragmatic mitigation plans to promptly minimize potential damage.
  3. Reported the result of MAJOR’s Enterprise Risk Management to the BOARD of Directors.
Dr. Satian Pooprasert

Chairman of the Risk Management Committee