Corporate Social Responsibility Activities 2019

Donate for Education to Thairath Foundation

Vicha Poolvaraluck, Chief Executive Officer of Major Cineplex Group Public Co., Ltd., donated 200,000 baht for education to Thairath foundation to help the society.

Major Cineplex Group ready to be Green Cinema in collaboration with Bioform using biodegradable sugarcane straws and providing waste separation bins

Narut Jiersanong, Deputy Chief Executive Marketing Officer of Major Cineplex Group Public Co, Ltd., in collaboration with Dr. Weerapong Sattaphon, Economic Executive Committee of Bioform (Thailand) Co., Ltd., became a part of campaigning and raising awareness to preserve the environment by encouraging customers to reduce, reject and stop using single-use straw which causing waste and currently affected the environment. Ready to be Green Cinema, Major Cineplex Group provided straws from natural material like sugarcane which is biodegradable, starting from July 2019 and furnished waste separation bins such as plastic, paper and general waste in order to be easy to discard and to be processed. It is help solving waste overflowing problem in the city. The project launched at Major Group Cinemas such as Major Cineplex Ratchayothin, Sukhumvit-Ekkamai, Rangsit, Esplanade Cineplex Ngamwongwan-Khae Rai, Paragon Cineplex and Quartier CineArt.

Major Cineplex Group in collaboration with Bangkok Life Assurance provided 5,000 pieces of N95 mask

Major Cineplex Group Public Co., Ltd. in collaboration with Bangkok Life Assurance Public Co., Ltd held the project called “care and mind for people ” , providing 5,000 pieces of N95 mask for customers in order to lighten the problem from “ PM 2.5 dust particle” that exceeded the standard in Bangkok and surrounding area. The event were held at 6 branches of Cinemas in Major Cineplex Group such as Major Cineplex Ratchayothin, Central Rama2, Mahachai Samutsakorn province, Salaya Nakornpathom province, Paragon Cineplex and Mega Cineplex Bangna which located in the area that PM 2.5 dust particle exceeded the standard and affected activities and health.

Sponsor for “Nurse for Love Concert” contributed to welfare fund for nurses who injured or passed away while working

Dr. Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn, Minister of Public Health, and Assoc. Prof. Supanee Senadisai, President of the Nurses'Association of Thailand gave a bouquet of flowers to Major Cineplex Group Public Co., Ltd. to thanks for support “Nurse for Love Concert” which was held by the Nurses’ Association of Thailand contribute to welfare for nurses who injured, disabled or passed away while on duty.

“Green Lifestyle Entertainment”

Major Bowl Group co., ltd in collaboration with Biodegradable Packaging for Environment Co., Ltd., packaging maker and distributor under brand called “Gracz”, emphasized eco-friendly business leader starting on June 5, the world environment day, by becoming “Green Lifestyle Entertainment” shift from using made-from-foam food containers to using products made from bagasse which decomposes within 45 days. Major Bowl provided them for both customers who hold the party with food booths and also take-out customers. Major Bowl aimed to reduce the usage of plastic within the year 2019 especially single-use products such as straws, foam boxes, plastic cups, plastic stir sticks, spoons and forks which were used more than 1,300,000 pieces per year. This project will reduce the usage of plastic around 8,000 kilograms per year in order to be model project to raise conscious and awareness to be part of environmental preservation.

Major Cineplex Group and Thai Red Cross join blood drive

Major Cineplex Group and Thai Red Cross invited its employees and the general public to donate blood every 3 months. This activity was organized to promote blood donation to ensure sufficient blood stock for the Thai Red Cross. In 2019, the Company, There were 397 donors with 346 units.

The Operation which impact to CSR


Major Care Foundation Activities 2019

Major Care Foundation was established as a charity organization In the year 2012 to enhance and support the quality of life among children with disability and the underprivileged elders, by focusing on offering opportunities in education to widen their learning perspectives, fulfill the experience outside classroom, and facilitate their improvement and inspiration, so that these children will grow up to be the quality force for our society. The core goals of Major Care Foundation are achieved through three main activities:

1. “Broaden Horizons, Creating Smiles” Activity, Major Care Foundation was able to take disadvantaged children 6 -18 years to watch movies 34,000 children per year and disadvantaged elderly that over 60 years. During 6 years period, Major Care Foundation bring disadvantaged children to watch movie in cinema totaling 248,609 children and disadvantaged elderly totaling 43,644 elderly

In 2019, Major Care Foundation bring disadvantaged children to watch movie in cinema totaling 41,108 children and disadvantaged elderly totaling 8,941 elderly in Bangkok and upcountry.

2. “Paint Smile into the heart Charity” Activity, Major Cineplex Group supported scholarships for needy students. After watching a special movie session sponsored by MAJOR, students would be invited to write an expressive essay. Top 10 students from poor families would be given 10,000 baht scholarship while the other 10 scholarships would be given to physically and mentally challenged pupils. The charity had so far given away 120 scholarships.

In 2019, the charity was hosted by Major Care Foundation which raised fund from a bowing charity at Blu-O Rhythm and Bowl, 5th Floor of Paragon Cineplex. After expense deduction, the fund would be used for charitable activities of the Foundation.

3. Major Care Foundation built movie centers for 10 rural schools. The centers would facilitate the extracurricular activities and open the world for the kids, and served as recreational hubs for the communities. Great movies, cartoons and documentary together with advice of teachers would inspire and sowed positive attitude for the kid’s daily life. The Foundation would select and consistently supply the centers with great movies and documentaries. During 4 years period, Major Care Foundation has prepared and transfer a film room for learning includes 41 schools in 41 provinces.

Major Care Foundation is continually committed to create and contribute charitable works to the society, no matter how many years have passed. The world of giving that is filled with happiness and fueled continuous commitment will never stops moving. The foundation will reach to every corner of the country to forever paint the wide, wide world with inspiration, knowledge, happiness, and smiles.