As at 31 December 2021 the Company had 1,203 personnel to support customer services which grew continuously from businesses of movie theaters, bowling and karaoke, advertising medias, leasing spaces and services including movie media. In 2021 the Company added 6 more branches to cover areas all over Bangkok, its vicinities and upcountry as well as countries in CLMV group to provide more convenience to customers.

Main business line Number of personnel
Head Office 253
Theaters 637
Bowling 161
Advertisement sales 33
Leasing space and trade center space sale 83
Total number of personnel 1,203

* Not including hourly temporary personnel

2017-2021 Turnover Rate

Year 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Turnover rate (per cent) 2.10 1.62 1.39 1.29 1.28

* Exclude temporary staffs

1. The Company required to have in place work rules as per Labor Protection Act B.E. 2541 and requirements of moral and ethical code and business etiquettes of the Company as per Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2535 as guidelines for work performance of all executives and personnel.

2. The Company stipulated policy on nomination and recruitment of personnel based on knowledge, capabilities and suitability with the positions concerned without discrimination on genders, races, religions, and also encourage employment of persons with disabilities to work with the Company as per the Act on Promotion and Development of Quality of Life of People with Disabilities B.E. 2550. The Company operated the business subject to the Act on Promotion and Development of Quality of Life of People with Disabilities B.E. 2550, Section 33 of which required establishments or agencies to employ persons with disabilities at a ratio of 100:1. For example, it the Company had 100 employees, it would employ 1 disabled person, and if the operator could not do so, it must contribute to the Fund for Promotion and Development of quality of Life of People with Disabilities on annual basis as per Section 34. If any establishment failed to comply with Sections 33 and 34, it could comply with Section 35 by providing workplace and training for disabled persons or employment in a hire subcontract or hire employment service manner.

Consequently, Major Cineplex Group Public Company Limited employed 2 persons with disabilities as per Section 33 and exercised the right under Section 35, divided into 10 disabled persons under hire employment services and arrangements of places for distributing products or services to 6 disabled persons; EGV Entertainment Public Company Limited employed 2 persons with disabilities as per Section 33 and exercised the right under Section 35 to arrange places for distributing products or services to 3 disabled persons; and Major Bowl Group Co., Ltd. employed 4 persons with disabilities as per Section 33, respectively.

In 2021, the Company emphasized on personnel nomination and recruitment in a form of Employer Branding to give job applicants more recognition of the organization as movie theaters only through medias in various channels, which would enable general people to know the organization and learn as to how nice it was to work with, which would cause the organization to be widely recognized, create personnel network including pupils and students who could become prospective job applicants of the Company in the future by presenting business which in the form of full-cycle movie industry, ranging from script writing, film productions and distributions, both

in Thailand and neighboring countries, presentation and creation of awareness to job applicants on digital and technology aspect, where the organization supplemented ever-changing services with innovations and new technologies, whether being sales of tickets through automatic vending machine, or E Ticket, up to Mobile Ticket by purchasing tickets through Major’s application, including introduction of technology in theater, for example, I Max, 3-dimension giant screen, 4DX theaters, Screen X theaters, etc. All these were movie experiences which the organization would develop and publicize to awareness of outsiders on continuous basis.

In respect of personnel recruitment, the process thereof was adjusted applying Rules of Success by changing questions used in interview and participating in activities to enhance potentials in selecting job applicants to meet the requirements of the organization and the agency better and change the On-boarding process including the coaching system to be more efficient to create impression to new personnel from their first day of service because that effect their adaptation to the organization in order to comprehend the organization’s work performance and culture faster, thus enabling them to perform without worry with faster quality achievements. Both the organization and the personnel would gain mutual benefits. Emphasis and creation of coaching system would result in personnel being coached until they become strong products of a tough process passed on from generation to generation in such form as what was done before. No misunderstanding between personnel and personnel, personnel and supervisors or even between personnel and the organization would arise.

Moreover, agreements were made on cooperation with educational institutes to develop apprentice program, both cooperative education project for bachelor degree students and bilateral project for vocational students, to support students to undergo on-the-job training throughout the apprentice period, and would also prepare them for actual work performance with quality in the future with curricula designed in cooperation with educational institutes to suit with work performance and as stipulated by the institutes. In 2021 a total of 335 students participated in the apprentice with the organization, divided into 94 students in the bilateral project and 241 students in the cooperative education project. These students would also be a significant force for the organization in the Talent Pool to be recruited as regular personnel and promoted as supervisor to grow jointly with the organization in the future.

3. The Company required that a Welfare Committee and a Work Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Conditions Committee be established in accordance with Labor Protection Act B.E. 2541 to enable personnel to participate in considering and presenting welfare and benefits including safety for personnel and their families appropriately, competitive with external markets, especially in respect of work safety, occupational health and environmental conditions. The Company was concerned for life and health of all personnel and deemed it appropriate to take action on work safety, occupational health and environmental conditions along with routine work of personnel, and stipulated work safety policy and work plan including non-work-related safety to prevent and reduce accidents, injuries, illnesses or troubles and nuisances due to work performance or unsafe working conditions by organizing trainings, both theoretical and practical, before actual work performance, and support work safety activities of establishment. In 2021 there were 10 work-related accidents or illnesses but no personnel suffered any serious work-related accident and illness necessitating them to be excused from work. Additional details on safety, stability, occupational health, the environment and energy policy may be found at the Company’s website (

In addition, the Company required actions to be taken on safety aspect as per the Work Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Conditions Act B.E. 2554 Section 16, starting from stipulating policy on Work Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Conditions for personnel to observe and comply with. Subsequently, a Work Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Conditions Committee was established comprising representatives of the employer and employees, to determine scope of work as per the policy and monitor results of actions taken to prevent and mitigate severity of accidents, danger to life and body, occupational health and properties of the Company, both during and outside working hours. Essence of the actions taken could be summarized as follows.

Management aspect (routine work)

  1. Announced establishing Work Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Conditions Committee on 30 September 2021 (re establishing due to expiration of the term of office).
  2. Organized meetings of Work Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Conditions Committee regularly every month.
  3. Compiled statistics on incidents/accidents which occurred and prepared reports thereof on monthly basis.

Knowledge and comprehension development/promotion aspect

  1. Organized Work Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Conditions Committee training courses for supervisors, section managers and department managers.
  2. Prepared work safety handbook of personnel in various departments, i.e. Cinema, Bowling, Shopping Center, Construction and IT.

Control, auditing and improvement aspect

  1. Examined and enhanced neatness and safety standards of building structures and various parts of new sites;
  2. Examined and enhanced security close-circuit television (CCTV); and
  3. Examined and enhanced movie projection systems and related accessories, maintenance of all branches all over the country and replaced movie projectors with new model in primary branches first;
  4. Examined and enhanced preventive maintenance system, electrical system, power distribution board, main/reserve generator, transformers, wires and related equipment for stand-alone branches;
  5. Examined and enhanced fire prevention system (preventive maintenance), generator system, diesel fire pump system, fire alarm system, sprinkler system, fire prevention equipment, air-conditioning system, cooling system for stand-alone branches;
  6. Examined and enhanced air-conditioning and cooling systems (preventive maintenance) and related equipment for 168 branches all over the country;
  7. Examined and enhanced IT Network/LAN/WiFi/Cloud/Internet Systems and related equipment for stand-alone branches.

Fire prevention and suppression aspect

  1. Organized “2021 fire prevention/suppression and first-aid” training course and fire drills of theater department for all branches all over the country.
  2. Organized “2021 introductory fire prevention and suppression” training course and fire drills of trade center department for stand-alone branches.

Cyber threat prevention aspect

Conducted IT system penetration test and no material risk detected.

The Company stipulated a policy on social assistance activities through Major Care Foundation and various activities through communities, educational institutes and government agencies.

4. The Company determined policy on career growth and progress through development and training process in various forms based on job descriptions and position levels to prepare them for the growth in their career and become executives in the future.

Moreover, the Company envisaged significance of quality of services in each branch and development of business and social innovation to create sustainable business value, and issued continuing policy in developing branches to remain beautiful and advanced at all times to respond to customers’ requirements. In addition, the Company arranged to have marketing researches conducted on regular basis by inquiring opinions and recommendations from customers making use of services in the branches. All information would be processed and used in support of marketing strategy planning and competitive strategy to enable the Company to maintain the status of leader in respect of entertainment centers. Besides conducting market researches to develop service work quality, the Company also emphasized on personnel development, especially in respect of services in each branch, by determining as continuing development training plan. In 2021, the Company spent a total research and development cost of 2.4 million Baht (1.68 million Baht in 2020). The Company had a policy on career growth and progress and a policy on development and training as follows.

The Company had a policy on career growth and progress promotion and support by laying growth direction along with expansion of branches in both normal and fast track career to support increasing branches in time for the business growth, by using the Rules of Success as development tool, recognizing the work competency and experience value rather than educational qualifications into the form of fast track career to be prepared to perform work in a position ready to grow immediately.

Moreover, a Talent Program was emphasized with a process to develop and retain personnel with outstanding capabilities, in both supporting and operative lines of work, especially branch managers who would be created for timely vacancy replacement, jointly with activities carried out to retain and create persuasion for capable personnel to stay and grow with the Company’s business on sustainable basis. There was position succession plan to enable the organization to operate business continuously, covering significant positions all over the organization by stipulating rules and procedures on selection of capable personnel transparently and fairly for appointment as “Successors”, emphasizing on developing personnel to have leadership and preparedness to hold such positions. Monetary and non-monetary remunerations were also determined.

The COVID-19 crisis during the past 2 years was a main factor necessitating the Company to convert the personnel development form into new normal training in compliance with the business operation plan by recognizing “all people”. Consequently, the organization applied Rules of Success as a driving tool for personnel development requiring all personnel to change staring from replacing the Mindset with Growth Mindset making all personnels to become more proficient, diligent and capable of reading customers’ minds and understanding customers, dare to think further, diligent to work and to learn, to do what they are skilled in to the best of their abilities, to listen to their colleagues, to be humble and know that if they are responsible for what matter they must do that to the best of their ability. A work performance method in a form of agile was also adopted in work performance for agility, expeditiousness and high flexibility. Working as a tem to jointly solve problems and stimulate them to dare to think and create innovations to achieve the target speedily on top of ever-changing situations. Developing digital skills for all personnel through online learning with Digital Transformation Course, making changes by implementing digital technology in work process in all sectors of the organization and enhancing real customer recognition and understanding through skill development on Big Data & Data Analytics for analysis to further with data generating optimal effectiveness with customers. Human development guidelines were laid in the organization in the form of “Power Skills” comprising Soft Skills, Hard Skills, Digital Skills and Thinking Skills as per the development program determined for executives and personnel, coving 3 main categories as follows.

  1. Core Program is a basic curricular covering knowledge and skills required in general work performance for all personnel in the organization by inserting rules of Success from the first day of their services through orientation, including applicable law compliance course and basic course supporting work performance, such as sale skills, customer data analysis, and a course requiring self-adjustment to cope with changes of current era, for example, knowledge on Data Management, Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (PDPA), courses consistent with business operation policies and anti-corruption policy, risk management, creation of awareness and recognition of sustainable organization development (Environmental, social, Governance (ESG), etc.
  2. Functional is a line-specific course, such as Digital Marketing Course, Online Marketing and Sales Tools Course, Creation of relationships and customer sustainable retention.
  3. Leadership is a course emphasizing on development of skills necessary for work and team administration, by laying 9 rules as bases for behavioral changes in self-administration, true team administration, starting from primary supervisory skill, such as Supervisory Skill Course, Leadership Attitude & Leadership in Action Course and Leadership at Strategy Level Course promoting creation of business partner network in the future.

Moreover, there is Compliance Course, which is a mandatory course in accordance with laws, such as Course on Food Sanitation for Those in Contact with Foods, Safety Training Course, Primary Fire-fighting Course and courses for personnel of talent group and personnel with high potential and can grow to become executives in the future. Training courses responding to strategies and changes of organization along the fields of work are determined. These courses are developed to be appropriate to personnel of the Talent group to prepare them as successions of significant positions or to become high-level executives in the future.

The Company encourages personnel to attend training courses and seminars with external agencies regularly, and has a policy to grant remunerations to personnel at appropriate rates to influence and retain personnel to work with the Company on a long-term basis. The Company organizes both on-the-job trainings and functional trainings for personnel. As for on-the-job trainings the Company shall assign senior personnel as coaches to provide advice and guidance at all steps and help supporting students who want to utilize their spare times by obtaining working experiences. The Company provide students opportunities for training in certain positions appropriate to each student’s maturity, skills and spare time. In 2021 personnel and executives participated in various training courses, both on-site and on-line, with total training time of 14,294 hours, including 350 hours of training on the environment and sustainability in the organization, but excluding hours of work education and meetings to provide advice via Zoom Meeting System and eternal training and study visit. The Company was expediting development of more on-line courses to cover all functions to safe costs and reduce travel times and enhance efficiency in accessing the Lifelong Learning.

The Company determined a policy on performance evaluation to be of the same standard and in the same direction, which would be based on personnel’s performance evaluation and behavioral evaluation by dividing proportional to position levels appropriately. Consequently, to be consistent with changing situations and the need for self-adjustment at all times, the performance evaluation format was adjusted to be conducted 4 times per year, or every 3 months, to enable the business to be driven on expeditious and timely basis.

The Company administered remunerations to be consistent with natures of works and occupational lines to be competitive with external market by determining policy on remuneration management to be consistent with the market, natures of works and occupational lines. Remunerations granted to personnel of the Company included salaries, overtime pay, cost of living allowances, house rents, travel allowances, vehicle allowances, upcountry work assignment allowances, commissions, incentives, bonuses, special allowances, social security subsidies, provident fund contributions, life insurances, annual health examination and medical treatment allowance. In 2021 the Company and subsidiary companies paid such remunerations to personnel in a total amount of 492 million Baht (725 million Baht in 2020), in order to ensure that determination of remunerations would be made appropriately and competitively to retain good and capable personnel with the organization.

Moreover, the Company had other remunerations for personnel, such as bonuses from sales and allocation of share warrants to executives and personnel as incentive and rewards to work performance for them to keep on performing their duties to the best of their abilities on continuous basis, as well as to create a sense of participation in organization management and development.

  • Starting wage rate structure was determined in employment based on educational qualification groups and vocational fields.
  • Salary rate structure was determined based on groups of works, positions and job grades.
  • Rate calculation standard was determined in employing new personnel based on educational qualification groups, vocational fields and work experiences.
  • Salary and annual bonus adjustment policy was determined taking into consideration results of operation in each year of the Company, which, in respect of personnel, would be considered based on each individual performance evaluation result.
  • Wage and remuneration survey policy was determined and wage and remuneration structure was reviewed every 2 years to be competitive with external markets.

The Company prescribed policy on salary and annual bonus adjustment by considering based on the Company’s operation results of each year. In respect of personnel, remunerations shall be paid based on work performance evaluation result of each person. The policy on regular survey and review of remuneration structure ensured that the Company had fair and appropriate remuneration structure and determination to personnel.

The Company prescribed policy on labor relations by making available channels for communications and activities through E-mail, website, Social Media and in various forms of activities to create relationships between the Company and personnel and among fellow personnel as follows.

  • On physical health aspect with Major Health Care and Major Lose Weight activities;
  • On mental health aspect with Happy Relax activity;
  • On financial care aspect with the activity on financial planning with the Bank of Thailand and the year-end tax planning activity;
  • CSR activity donating calendars to Foundation for the Blind in Thailand under the Royal Patronage of H.M. the Queen, donating utensils to child patients’ families, Ronald McDonald House Foundation, separating bottles, helping dentists activity for PPE production, blood donation and #TEAMMAJORSanotoPlastic Tiktok activity.
  • Other activities to promote organizational culture with Rules of Success Idol of the Month, etc.