The Company has a strategic investment in the film distribution business through its 92.46% stake in M Pictures Entertainment Plc., the company held a stake in M Pictures Co., Ltd., which provided the upstream theatrical distribution services.

In 2020, the company has several subsidiary companies under theatrical business, which includes:

M Picture Co., Ltd.

Distributing of film rights for cinema services.

M Thirtynine Co., Ltd.

Film Production.

M.V.D. Co., Ltd. (“MVD”)

Distribution of VCD/DVD, Blu-ray and film rights.

Pacific Media Sale Co., Ltd.

Distribution of CD, VCD and DVD. (Subsidiary under M.V.D.)

Major Kantana Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

Satellite broadcasting and distribution of film rights.

MVP M Pictures Distribution (Lao) Co., Ltd. (“MVP”)

Film Distribution in Laos

Transformation Film Co., Ltd.

Film Distribution.

Tai Major Co.,Ltd.

Film Distribution

In 2020, the company concentrate to be part of develop Thai movie industry according to seeking for sustainable growth in nationwide and international market. The Company tries to support the various production teams such as drama and game show production to become a part of movie production to extend the movie market, for example; the co-investment in the form of a joint venture for movie production. At the end of 2020, there are Thai movies that have been released and in production which is a joint venture with many partners, including a joint venture Bike Man 1&2, Saeng Krasue, Khun Phaen Fah Nueng, Classic Again, Dew together, Love Battles, Nemesis, Love Rumble, Riam Fighting Angel, Pro May, Happy New U, Daeng Phra Khanong and CRACKED.

At Present, Thai movies have gained more popularity from many countries both in South East Asia and Asia which provide the opportunity to Thai movie production teams to recognize more revenue.