The year 2021 was another year continuously when all over the world faced with the outbreak of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) crisis. Major Cineplex Group Public Company Limited was an organization directly affected by such situation as the theatre industry was deemed one in the industry heavily affected from the lockdown measure for a period of over 5 months.

However, the Company was never discouraged by the threats and always envisaged ways to convert such threats into opportunities with good risk management, which enabled the Company to be flexible and could cope with emerging situations expeditiously and absolutely. The Company established an ad-hoc committee to determine strategies and plans to recover the business amidst challenges and uncertainties, by identifying and prioritizing issues, including stipulation of ways and means to deal with such issues in both the short- and the long-term basis. One of such expeditious and absolute decision-makings was the disposal of investment in Siam Future Development Public Company Limited to strengthen the Company’s financial security during critical situations.

I was very proud that we could transcend this crisis faster than other businesses and also took proactive action to reserve funds, create cash flow from available assets to ensure that the Company would be able to further operate the business securely. The Company focused on stakeholders in all sectors along with business operation under safety and hygienic measures in theatres, department stores and surrounding operating areas to ensure safety of our clients, trade partners and personnel. Theatres under Major Cineplex Group were certified by Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA).

Continuing from 2020, in respect of operation program planning and utilization of technologies to reduce costs and measures to reduce expenses, the Company was able to maintain liquidity on accounting aspect to remain stable. Costs were managed appropriately, and ways and means were sought to reduce expenses on all aspects to enable the Company to get through this crisis and concurrently create confidence on quality of services, and safety when making use of the services, including strategic operation consistent to the ever-changing current global situations, in aspects of both technology and consumers’ behaviors.

As regards organization management in respects of personnel and society under COVID-19 situation, the Company still took care of personnel along with the society. In personnel aspect, the Work from Home measure was implemented in strict compliance with the disease spreading control of the government sector. Personnel were encouraged to learn through online channel for skill developments and gain new knowledges on continuous basis. New corporate culture (Rule of Success) was created and persuaded. Moreover, alcohol gels, medical masks, and needful were provided to personnel.

The Company also took care of the society affected from COVID-19 pandemic by providing medical masks, survival bags together with Popcorn to Go to various agencies and hospitals for physicians, nurses and medical personnel, who were essential forces of the Country in coping with COVID-19 pandemic, to use during the performance of their duties, and we still proceeded to support various organizations continuously in combating or preventing COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Somchainuk Engtrakul

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Vicha Poolvaraluck

Chief Executive Officer