From the increasing of business’s expansion and attracts more than 40 million of customers annually. A subsidiary called “Major CineAd Co., Ltd.” has been established to engage the advertisers and media agencies with full-range of advertising services, ranging from simple cinema screen advertising to fully-integrated below-the-line media solutions incorporating all media available in the Cineplex network across nationwide.

70 - 80%

gross margin

40 million

customerd annually

With additional revenues generated on the existing assets, it makes the advertising business, which “Cinemedia” can contributed more than 70-80% of gross margin.

As of now, cinemedia integrate below-the-line media solutions for many dominant players into many industries. The solutions include the screen advertising and also new media like VDO walls, tri-vision, plasma screens, menu board, outdoor media (Billboard/Cut-out) and 4D Ads - the newest innovation for only in theatre. In addition, the company has got several activities such as interactive media and cross promotion to increasing the advertising revenue as well as admission sales consequently with Cinemedia, another effective channel to advertise and direct to the target, it continuously creates an increasing of growth rate in every year.