The past year is another challenging year for the Company. Whether it be the impact of domestic economy, the consumer behavior and lifestyle, including the changes in technology that affect many industries causing the Company to adjust its business strategy to be in line with the changes that will occur in the future.

Major Cineplex Group Public Company Limited still continuously and clearly be the leader of Thai movie industry. In 2018, The Company opened 90 additional cinemas in major area of Bangkok, including the district and sub-district areas in provinces and abroad in total of 782 cinemas. The new opening cinemas will support the growth on movie industry which consistently grows every year and will make the cinemas become the entertainment center for the customer in various areas. The Company also improves the existing branches to be modern and to meet the customer’s need together with increasing the potential for accessing to multimedia and technology to add more value to all businesses of the Company. Moreover, the Company is managing the financial status carefully along with seeking for the opportunities to increase the Company’s value.

The Company strives to expand the potential and leadership in the business both in Thailand and the countries in CLMV group, especially for Cambodia and Laos, to continuously raise the growth rate of the cinema industry. The Company is not only the cinema service provider, but also be the supporter and driver of Thai movie industry to be more quality and be able to extend to foreign markets which can attract new movie makers into the industry. Meanwhile, the business of food and drink also strongly grows from the new sales strategy as well as the good taste and interesting packaging with various styles proper for various types of customer causing the Company to be able to continuously raise the prices. Moreover, the advertising media business also enables the Company to gain more profit from the increasing number of cinemas as well as the selling of advertising media in various forms which make the Company be able to expand to new customer bases and provide appropriate packages for each income-based customers in order to expand the market share of the advertising media business which takes an important part in generating profits.

On behalf of the management, I would like to express our gratitude to employees for their full dedication. Heartfelt appreciation is also extended to our clients, shareholders, business partners and all stakeholders for their support and trust in our businesses. I hope that you will continue to walk with us on this firm path.

Mr. Somjainuk Engtrakul

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Vicha Poolvaraluck

Chief Executive Officer